children\Children’s Church

Here at Starting Grounds Church, we want to help nurture each child’s understanding of God and the love He has for each of them.  Our Children’s Church is:

Bible Based.

Our lessons are drawn directly from the Bible each week and are based on the same subject as the adult sermon topic.

Jesus Centered.

All of our lessons are designed to increase each child’s understanding of who Jesus is and what He has done. 

Age Appropriate.

Classes are designed to consider each child’s developmental level and unique gifts.

Family Focused.

We partner with families to reinforce learning and encourage each child’s growth in Christ.


Through singing and dancing, arts & crafts, and other activities we make church a place kids really enjoy.


Sunday School Classes:

11:15am – 2nd Service

Nursery – Newborns to Preschool

Preschool – Taught by Gini & Krista

Kindergarten & 1st Grade – Taught by Sandy & Danielle

2nd & 3rd Grade – Taught by Janet

4th & 5th Grade –Taught by Lenci


9:30am – 1st Service

Children are welcome to join their family in the sanctuary for service.


If you have additional questions about our children’s program, feel free to contact Lenci, Children’s Ministry Coordinator at Starting Grounds Church.