Our hope is to be a place where teens can build lasting relationships and engage in discussion of issues of faith and life.  Our weekly Teen Growth Group is a place where teens can:


We provide a space for teens to get to know each other and explore God’s gift of friendship.


Our teens spend time singing and celebrating the work that God is doing in their lives.


Each week our teens discuss questions related to Sunday’s sermon and relate the subject to issues in their personal lives.


Our teens strive to do at least four acts of local community service as a group each year.


We also celebrate God’s gift of youth. Our teens also like get out and just have fun together. This includes activities like going bowling, visiting a corn maze or going sledding to name a few.


Growth Group:

Teen Growth Group meets every Tuesday at 7pm in the coffee shop at the church.  If you’re a teen and interested in visiting, simple show up or contact us for more info.

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